Why Do Filament Bulbs Not Burn Out?

Assuming you are asking about a tungsten filament in a light bulb, it does not burn because it is surrounded by an inert gas. But it still “burns out” because hot tungsten evaporates (which it would do even faster in the absence of the filler gas). How do you prevent the filament in incandescent lamp from being quickly oxidize and burn out?

Why do light bulbs burn out when you turn them on?

Turning a light bulb on send a jolt of electricity through the filaments, which is more likely to break it than a continued current — that's why light bulbs often burn out as you turn them on. If you turn lights on and off frequently, you're likely reducing the lifespan of the bulb.

Why does a tungsten light bulb not burn?

Assuming you are asking about a tungsten filament in a light bulb, it does not burn because it is surrounded by an inert gas. But it still "burns out" because hot tungsten evaporates (which it would do even faster in the absence of the filler gas).

Why does my CFL light bulb keep burning out?

This can be an issue for CFL bulbs, because the electrodes get stressed every time the light is turned on, causing them to degrade over time. So a CFL bulb that’s rated for 10,000 hours of use might only last for 3,000 hours if it’s only turned on for a few minutes at a time.

What should I do if my light bulb keeps burning out?

It’s also a common issue for CFLs. Solution: Reduce vibrations by making sure the fixture is secure, and then change to LED bulbs, which don’t have a filament, or “rough service” incandescents, which are made to withstand more vibration.

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