Why Did The Kinsman Not Marry Ruth?

Perhaps the nearer kinsman felt that marriage to Ruth, a Gentile, would mar his inheritance. Third, being a Moabite, Ruth and her offspring were prohibited from entering the congregation of the Lord (Dt. 23:3–4). Whatever the reason, the nearer kinsman declined to fulfill his obligation as the kinsman-redeemer.

Why did the nearer kinsman refuse to marry Ruth?

The nearer kinsman believed that he would ruin his inheritance by marrying Ruth and thus declined to fulfill his responsibility. There are a number of possible reasons why he refused to fulfill the duty of a kinsman-redeemer.

Why was Boaz willing to marry Ruth the Kinsman?

The uncovering of his feet is believed to be an allusion to the Chalitzah ceremony. Boaz recognized his responsibility; but he also knew that there was another man who was a closer kinsman than he (3:12–13). If the nearer kinsman wouldn’t fulfill his duty, Boaz was willing to marry Ruth and raise up seed.

Why did the man change his mind and refuse to marry Ruth?

The man then changed his mind, saying, “I cannot redeem it because I might endanger my own estate. You redeem it yourself. I cannot do it.” Why did the man change his mind and refuse to marry Ruth?

How did Ruth become the kinsman redeemer of Jesus?

Out of this union came the Messianic line, and, thereby, Ruth had the blessing of being a Gentile woman in the lineage of Jesus the Messiah. Boaz then fulfilled the obligation of kinsman-redeemer by marrying Ruth and raising up seed with her to perpetuate the name of Mahlon, as required by the Law (4:10).

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