Why Did American Settlers Move West In The 1800s?

This sparked a large wave of settlers on the Great Plains, formerly inhabited by Native Americans, in the aftermath of the Civil War. Other motives were primarily economic in nature as well. Many Americans moved west to work for the mining companies that formed to exploit the vast mineral resources of the West.

Why did people move to the west in the 1800s?

Americans moved to the West in the 1800s because people wanted to own their own land and get a fresh start. Expansion also gave them new economic possibilities, such as farming and gold mining. Westward expansion in the United States dates back to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, which doubled the size of the country.

What was life like for the white settlers in the west?

In the late 1800s, white Americans expanded their settlements in the western part of the country. They claimed land traditionally used by native Indians. The Indians were hunters. And they struggled to keep control of their hunting lands. Both the settlers and the Indians were guilty of violence.

Why did the pioneers want to move west?

These letters often told about a good life on the frontier. The biggest factor that pulled pioneers west was the opportunity to buy land. Pioneers could purchase land for a small price compared to what it cost in states to the east. Life as a Pioneer Continued...

How did the western United States get settled?

How the Western United States Was Settled. In a decision in 1876, the Supreme Court said states had a legal right to control costs of railroad transportation. It said owners of property in which the public has an interest must accept public control for the common good. The farmers seemed to have won.

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