Why Are Red Sox Wearing Yellow And Blue?

The Red Sox unveiled their yellow and sky blue City Connect series uniforms to honor Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon, which represent a drastic departure from the team’s iconic standard jerseys. There will be no red coloration on the special uniforms and the color scheme is meant to represent the Patriots’ Day weekend.

Why are the Boston Red Sox wearing blue and yellow?

Initial reaction was mixed, but the Red Sox version of the City Connect series, to be worn during this weekend’s games against the Chicago White Sox, has a story that strikes at the heart of what makes Boston Boston. The design is an homage to the finish line of the Boston Marathon, site of a terrorist bombing in 2013.

When do the Red Sox wear their new uniforms?

They also will include an arm patch with the “617” area code for Fenway Park within a marathon racing bib. The uniforms — part of a themed “City Connect” series created by Nike — will be worn during the Red Sox’s games at Fenway Park against the White Sox on April 17-18.

Where was the Boston Red Sox finish line painted?

The perfect look for Patriots’ Day weekend in Boston. Although the color scheme breaks from Red Sox tradition, it matches the yellow and blue of the Boston Marathon finish line permanently painted on Boylston Street.

Who is in the Red Sox City Connect uniform?

Boston Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo poses in the team’s City Connect uniform. Copy Link URL Copied! Ah, Dodger Stadium in late summer. Just kicking back, eating a Dodger Dog, drinking a cold brew and watching the Boys in Periwinkle. Or maybe the uniforms will be Dodger chartreuse. Or Dodger mauve. Not a chance, you say?

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