Why Are My Eyebrows A Different Color Than My Hair?

Eyebrow hair will probably appear darker because those follicles tend to produce more eumelanin. If you're wondering why these two-toned heads often have a red beard but not red hair, there's an answer for that, too. While all hair color is genetic, one gene in particular, MC1R, is responsible for a red hue.

Is it normal for your hair to match your eyebrows?

However, there are cases where the hair's natural color is much lighter than the eyebrow color. This is usually found in some blonde-haired women and men. It usually isn't that big a deal unless there is a dramatic difference in the color, such as when the eyebrows are very pale, or are so much darker than the hair color that they look awkward.

Why are my eyebrows so much darker than my hair?

Why are Your Eyebrows Much Darker in Color Than Your Hair This is due to a pigment in the skin and hair called MELANIN. There are three types of MELANIN: Eumelanin, Pheomelanin and Neuromelanin. Eumelanin is found in the hair, skin and dark areas around the nipples and is abundantly found in dark skinned people.

Why are eyebrows the same color as the hair on the head?

The hair on the head and the eyebrows rarely are the exact same shade of colour. Both however owe their colour to the melanin granules found in the cortex of the hair. As the body ages, less and less melanin is produced by the follicles.

Can You dye your hair lighter than your eyebrows?

Variety is the spice of life. On the other hand, if you don’t like it, you have the option to tint your eyebrows (at a professional salon) to a lighter color that will match the color of your hair or dye your hair to a darker shade that will match your eyebrows. Hope that helps.

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