Can Miis Cheat On Each Other In Tomodachi Life?

No. Miis cannot kill each other. This is an E-rated game. tomodachi_fan (Expert) - 4 months ago 2 0 No, but it would be cool if there was a death toggle (check out the fantendo page for tomodachi islands it has pretty cool concepts there)

What happens at the end of Tomodachi Life?

If the player decides that the Mii should move on, it triggers a cutscene in the cafe where the Mii breaks up with their sweetheart by saying they are tired and want to be friends again, while leaving both Miis depressed .

What do Mii say after a breakup in Tomodachi Life?

Message shown after a breakup. Breakups are used once again in Tomodachi Life, functioning almost exactly as its predecessor. In this game, however, the Mii breaking up will say their feelings have changed, instead of they are tired. In Life, it is also possible for a Mii to confess their love to a Mii who is already dating.

Can you get a divorce in Tomodachi Collection?

It is possible for a breakup or divorce to happen even with a good status. This happens if the asking Mii's apology is rejected, then one of the Miis will ask to break up or divorce. In Tomodachi Collection, Miis cannot get back together after a breakup, like when two Mii friends will not say they are sick of fighting after failing to apologize.

Can a Mii break up with a dating Mii?

In this game, however, the Mii breaking up will say their feelings have changed, instead of they are tired. In Life, it is also possible for a Mii to confess their love to a Mii who is already dating. The dating Mii may accept the confession and leave their sweetheart for the confessor, with the former sweetheart gaining a sadness meter.

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