Who Wrote Just For Now?

Just For Now/Composers “Just for Now” was written and produced by Imogen Heap in 2004, intending it to be used for the second second-season episode of the television series The O.C., entitled “The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t”. Who was the first person that made a song?

When did the song Just for now come out?

Just for Now. ". Just for Now " is a song by English recording artist and producer Imogen Heap, from her second studio album, Speak for Yourself (2005). Written and produced by Heap, the song was originally written for the second-season episode of the television series The O.C. entitled "The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't",...

Who is the composer of just for now?

"Just for Now" was covered by American recording artist Kelly Clarkson for her sixth studio album, Wrapped in Red (2013). The song, produced by Greg Kurstin, contains a portion of the composition of the Christmas carol, "Carol of the Bells", whose lyrics were written by Peter J. Wilhousky.

Who is the writer of just the two of US?

The Harlem native is the songwriter and musician behind the Bill Withers classic "Just the Two of Us." When the song found new life as a trend on Tik Tok, Jada Salter, 24, saw it as an opportunity to let the world know where it came from.

When did Kelly Clarkson cover just for now come out?

Clarkson's cover is the only version of "Just for Now" to enter a Billboard chart, by entering the Holiday Digital Songs chart at number 35 on the week ending 16 November 2013. ^ a bHowe, Brian (26 November 2005).

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