Who Looks Like Robert Redford?

David Wall (writer, director, actor) not only is gifted at his craft, but is a “Robert Redford look-alike ” — and will make you take a double-take!

Why did Robert Redford have to have plastic surgery?

That is why he willing to do anything to be able to maintain his career, including the use of Robert Redford plastic surgery. You can see how he could maintain his appearance even when he is already in the late seventies age, where he should be had a lot of aging signs. Did Robert Redford Have Plastic Surgery?

What kind of hair does Robert Redford have?

Here is another photo - but yesterday's wig was much more wild and haphazard looking. At the height of his fame in the early 70's Redford was bleaching his naturally dark blond hair almost platinum blond. Why are people constantly surprised at the vanity of movie stars?

How old is Robert Redford in real life?

Overall, Robert Redford has managed to retain his handsome looks well into old age. At age 80, he shows no signs of slowing down. Lets look forward to more contributions from Redford in the entertainment industry. Truly he has achieved great things in Hollywood and will continue to do so in the future.

What did Robert Redford wear to the beach?

Robert Redford looks in great shape as he takes a dip in the sea in tiny black speedo... 43 years after fans fell for his charm in The Way We Were Enjoying a pre-Christmas break in the sun the red-haired actor was spotted wading into the surf and relaxing by the beach.

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