Who Is The Largest Payroll Provider In The Us?

ADP and Paychex are the two largest payroll processing and human resource management companies. With unemployment levels in the U.S. staying around an all-time low for several months now, the larger workforce in the country has boosted the prospects for human resource-related outfits.

Which is the Best Payroll Company in the United States?

ADP ADP is probably the largest payroll outsourcing company in the United States. Although they tend to be more expensive than some of the other options, ADP has a solid reputation and high customer service ratings.

Who is the leader in global payroll services?

NelsonHall has identified TMF Group as a Leader in the Multi-country Capability market segment, shown here in the NEAT evaluation graph. TMF Group's position reflects its ability to meet future client requirements as well as delivering immediate benefits to its payroll services clients, with specific capability around multi-country coverage.

Who are the top 10 payroll software vendors?

Custom data cuts related to the Payroll Applications market are available: Top Payroll Applications Vendors and Market Forecast 2019-2024 2019 Payroll Applications Market By Vertical Market (21 Industry)

Who are the largest employers in the United States?

United States-based Largest Private Employers Rank Employer Global number of Employees 7 Home Depot 415,700 8 Berkshire Hathaway 391,500 9 International Business Machines 383,800 10 United Parcel Service 481,000 23 more rows ...

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