When Was The First Lambretta Scooter Made?

Innocenti started production of Lambretta scooters in 1947, the year after Piaggio started production of its Vespa models. Lambrettas were manufactured under licence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India and Spain, sometimes under other names, but always to a recognizable design, e.g. Siambretta in South America and Serveta in Spain.

When did Scooter India acquire the Lambretta brand?

Scooter India Ltd acquired the entire Innocenti Unit in 1972. API also built the trademark model [API-175] three-wheeler which was based on Innocenti's Lambro. API continued to build Lambretta-derived models until the 1990s but have been non-operational since 1993.

Where are Lambretta models made in the world?

As well as the obvious Italy, Lambretta's have been made around the world, in the next series of pages we cover the history of all the models produced. Starting with the Italian ones, but also including all the other models made in other countries such as Spain, India, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and more.

When did the Lambretta 150cc d come out?

A few improvements were made over its production run, and then in October 1954 a 150cc 'D' was made available. Over 150,000 models were made by the Italians, with many many more being made outside of Italy as Innocenti started selling the rights to build Lambrettas in many different countries including France and Argentina to name a but few.

When did the Lambretta E model come out?

The Model 'E' (produced between 1953 - 1956), and the Model 'F' (1955 - 1958) were both very similar in design with the only noticeable difference being the 'F' had a kick starter. They were both much lighter than previous models, the frame was made much more simplified, and the engine modified.

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