When Did The Hornsea Railway Line Close?

Closure of the line came as a direct result of the Beeching Report. The last passenger train ran on 19 October 1964. Goods traffic continued to use the line as far as Hornsea Bridge until 3 May 1965.

When did Hornsea Town railway station shut down?

Hornsea Town Station is now a grade two-listed building but had been in operation for 100 years. The stop between Burstwick and Ottringham shut in 1964. It had been on the Hull and Holderness Railway and was situated to the north of the village.

When did hull and Holderness railway station close?

It was opened by the Hull and Holderness Railway in 1854. The station was closed to passengers 100 years later. The station buildings were demolished in 1979 after more than 120 years in operation serving Market Weighton. Melton Halt Station was a worker's station built on the Hull and Selby line near Melton.

Where is the junction between Hull and Hornsea?

The Y&NMR's line was of 10.5 miles (16.9 km) and would link Beverley (on the Hull to Bridlington Line) to Hornsea via a junction near Arram railway station north of Beverley.

When did Hornsea stop being a seaside resort?

Hornsea resumed its role as a seaside resort, in the mid-1940’s albeit on a relatively small scale. The closure of the railway line in 1964 saw an inevitable decrease in day trippers, but it did not affect Hornsea’s function as a dormitory town]

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