When Did Somerset And Dorset Railway Close?

The station is on what was the Somerset and Dorset Railway, which opened in 1862. It eventually became part of British Rail Southern Region and was closed with the ‘Beeching’ cuts in 1966. The track and all of the infrastructure, fortunately excluding the station building and platforms, were removed and the site abandoned.

Where does the Somerset and Dorset Railway run?

Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust. The Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust is based at Midsomer Norton South station. It operates a one-mile section of line on the original trackbed heading south from Midsomer Norton towards Chilcompton. Public trains will run every two weeks in 2019.

Which is the last railway station in Dorset?

The Somerset & Dorset Railway at Shillingstone has been working to restore Shillingstone Station, which dates from 1863 and is the last surviving station built to have been built by the Dorset Central Railway.

When did the Worle line in Somerset close?

The Worle line closed in January 1922 but has since reopened in a different location to serve the community. One of the success stories of the closed railway stations is in Midsomer Norton. Their old station is now used as an operational railway station and museum by the Somerset and Dorset Railway Heritage Trust.

Is there a railway between Bath and Somerset?

The New Somerset and Dorset Railway. A group called the New Somerset and Dorset Railway, has been set up with the aim of restoring the line between Bournemouth and Bath, along with key branch lines, as a commercially viable railway running freight and commuter services (with provision for heritage services too).

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