When Did Robinsons Department Store Close?

Robinsons closed its The Centrepoint store at the end of its lease in March 2014, after 31 years of being the anchor tenant, and its JEM store in August 2020. A man walks past a window display of Robinsons department store in Singapore. (File photo: AFP/Roslan Rahman)

When did Robinsons department store in Singapore close?

The department store was founded in Singapore 162 years ago in 1858. Robinsons at Jem recently closed its shutters in August this year. Malaysian newspaper The Sun Daily reported that two Robinsons outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be going through the same liquidation process as well.

When did the j.w.robinson's store close?

The Robinson's store closed in 1993 and the building, 600 W. Seventh St., currently houses telecommunications (voice, data and internet servers), offices and ground-floor retail. The store contained the following departments:

Where are the Robinsons May department stores located?

Robinsons-May. Robinsons-May was a chain of department stores operating in Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, previously with headquarters in North Hollywood, California. It was a subsidiary of The May Department Stores Company, having been acquired with Federated 's takeover of The May Department Stores Company on August...

Who was the founder of Robinson's department store?

J. W. Robinson Co., Robinson's, was a chain of department stores operating in the Southern California and Arizona area, previously with headquarters in Los Angeles, California . Joseph Winchester Robinson was a merchant from Waltham, Massachusetts who moved to Riverside, California in 1882 to develop orange groves.

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