When Did Raf West Drayton Close?

RAF West Drayton closed as an official RAF station in the mid 1990s. The area control, responsible for Air Traffic Control outside the London Terminal Control Area moved to Swanwick, Hampshire in 2002, the remaining centre being renamed the London Terminal Control Centre.

Where was the Royal Air Force base in West Drayton?

RAF West Drayton was a non-flying Royal Air Force station in West Drayton, within the London Borough of Hillingdon, which served as the main centre for military air traffic control in the United Kingdom.

When did RAF West Drayton close for the Olympics?

Following the departure of the remaining civil and military air traffic control systems by 2008, the site was closed and demolished for a new residential development. The station was used to house 700 athletes competing at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, together with RAF Uxbridge and Richmond.

When did RAF Innsworth move to RAF West Ruislip?

It was moved to another building in November but was relocated to RAF Innsworth on 16 May 1952. The station was passed to the US Air Force Third Air Force on 1 December 1955, to enable the consolidation of facilities at several sites in the country into a single location.

When did the RAF move to Swanwick Hampshire?

Air traffic control services remained, although the section responsible for airspace outside London moved to Swanwick in Hampshire in 2002. The remaining operation was named the London Terminal Control Centre. RAF personnel remained on the site, as military air traffic control functions for the eastern side of England remained.

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