When Did Pottermore Close?

A newly designed Sorting Ceremony was subsequently launched in January 2016 in which users could reclaim their old house or be re-sorted. The Pottermore website closed in October 2019 and was replaced by WizardingWorld.com, to which a large part of the content has been migrated.

When did J K Rowling shut down Pottermore?

Pottermore was shut down in 2019. J.K. Rowling's old Harry Potter website has been replaced by a new, central destination.

Why was the old Harry Pottermore shut down?

Perhaps the most significant shift is the removal of the central concept behind the original site, which required users to become students of a virtual Hogwarts in order to progress through the books and experience the site. Jurevics said the change reflected the way the Harry Potter series had now evolved outside of the core seven books.

When does the new Pottermore website come out?

In a blog post last October with the somewhat misleading (or foreshadow-y) headline “The Wizarding World is expanding!”, Pottermore announced that they’d be moving much of their content and features over to WizardingWorld.com, a new website that launched in Summer 2019.

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