When Did One Step Beyond Come Out?

Before The Twilight Zone, there was One Step Beyond. This anthology series that told stories of “the world of the unknown” ran from 1959 to 1961. Though it tends to be overshadowed by its successor, which began in October 1959, it’s still a cult favorite.

When did Madness release One Step Beyond...?

One Step Beyond . . . is the 1979 debut album by the British ska-pop group Madness. It was ranked 90th in a 2005 survey held by British television's Channel 4 to determine the 100 greatest albums of all time. The album, which was recorded and mixed in about three weeks, peaked at number two and remained in the UK Albums Chart for over a year.

When did one step beyond come out in Italy?

The Italian version, "Un Passo Avanti", was used to open up during the Italian part of their world tour, in October 1980. An extended version of the song, with a run time of 3:33, is included on the 1997 US compilation Total Madness: The Very Best of Madness (Geffen GEFD-25145).

When did One Step Beyond by Moon come out?

Seattle rock/ska band MOON released their version of 'One Step Beyond' on their 2010 EP called The Moon EP. One video of their live performance on YouTube is available. ^ a bGreene, Jo-Ann. "Madness – One Step Beyond..."

Who was the original singer of One Step Beyond?

The title track, released as a single, was originally written and recorded by the Jamaican ska musician Prince Buster, and its "Don't watch that, watch this ..." introduction is adapted from another Prince Buster song, "The Scorcher".

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