When Did Ellington Afb Close?

With the end of World War II, Ellington served primarily as a reserve air base from the end of the war in 1945 until 1948.

Where is Ellington Air Force base in Texas?

Ellington Airport (Texas) It is owned by the City of Houston and located 15 nautical miles (17 mi, 28 km) southeast of downtown Houston. Formerly known as Ellington Field, then Ellington Air Force Base, then again as Ellington Field it is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015,...

When did Ellington Field Joint Reserve base open?

The host wing for the installation is the Texas Air National Guard 's 147th Attack Wing (147 ATKW). Opened in 1917, Ellington Field was one of thirty-two Air Service training camps established after the United States entry into World War I.

When did the National Guard leave Ellington Field?

In May 1923, the War Department had ordered the small caretaker force at Ellington Field to dismantle all remaining structures and to sell them as surplus. Orders to abandon Ellington Field were abruptly halted, however, when the War Department authorized the Texas National Guard to establish an aviation squadron.

Where is Ellington Field?

Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base is a defense and homeland security compound in Houston, Texas that operates as a joint reserve base through collaborative agreements among the tenants.

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