When Did Chelsea Change Their Logo?

In 1952 Chelsea used a Monogram as their temporary Logo while the new Logo was being created. Although it was just used for one year, I still chose to include one as that year was very important with Ted Drake taking over as a Manager and making everything more professional.

When did Chelsea Football Club get their crest?

First FC Chelsea crest was introduced when the club was established in 1905 and although the club didn't use the logo on their shirts, their crest started showing up on match-day programmes. The first Chelsea logo featured one of the famous Chelsea Pensioners that gave rise to the clubs early nickname.

When did Chelsea get a new kit sponsor?

In the year 2005, Chelsea celebrated its centenary by announcing a new kit sponsor in Samsung and a brand new club crest which signalled the dawn of a new era at the club as it reflected the values and personality with which the club was going to operate henceforth.

When did the new Chelsea badge come out?

The new Chelsea badge was introduced in May, 2005. featuring old Chelsea logo from the 1950's. This new Chelsea crest was made to honor the Chelsea heritage featuring the design based on the one from 1950's.

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