What Year Did The Song Hush Come Out?

South also wrote "Down in the Boondocks" for Royal, which was a #9 US hit in 1965. After Royal released his version, "Hush" was quickly recorded by many artists in a variety of styles. The song is about a guy who is so crazy in love that he'll drop everything if he thinks she might be calling his name.

When did there's a kind of Hush come out?

" There's a Kind of Hush " is a popular song written by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens which was a hit in 1967 for Herman's Hermits and again in 1976 for The Carpenters .

When did the song Hush by Deep Purple come out?

The rhythm of Hush is like a samba." The Deep Purple version was included on their first album and recorded with the band's original lineup, which didn't include lead singer Ian Gillan, who joined in 1969, replacing Rod Evans.

Who was the first artist to record Hush?

Other artists to record the song include Jimmy Frey, The Rubes, Killdozer, Dan Baird, Gotthard and Thin Lizzy. Kula Shaker had the biggest UK hit with their cover going to #2 in 1997. Joe South adapted the song from an old African American spiritual, which included the line: "Hush I thought I heard Jesus calling my name."

When did Kula Shaker cover Deep Purple's Hush?

In 1997 British band Kula Shaker's cover of this song peaked at #2 in the UK, bettering Deep Purple's chart position by 60 places. Kula Shaker's version featured in the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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