Can I Refuse To Sell Alcohol To A Pregnant Woman?

Via Liv Healthy Life Despite this, however, there are laws that prevent servers from refusing to sell alcohol to pregnant customers. Many states (and even provinces in Canada) see this as a form of discrimination. Not necessarily discrimination against women with child, but women in general.

Can a pregnant woman refuse to drink alcohol?

Anyone can refuse to serve alcohol to anyone in their home who they wish to prohibit from drinking alcohol and cannot be held accountable legally. There may be a slight chance that someone may try and organize a civil action against a person who does not offer or serve alcohol to a pregnant woman at a private party,...

Should bar staff refuse to serve alcohol to pregnant women?

Should bar staff refuse to serve alcohol to pregnant women? Would you serve a pregnant woman alcohol? If not, you'd be acting illegally and could be sued, as Triana O'Keefe discovered recently. Working in a bar I am often confronted with situations of which I'm going to describe as less than ideal.

Can you refuse to sell alcohol to someone under 18?

As Clare says, it is a grey area, but you can legally refuse to sell alcohol to anyone. You must refuse to sell to anyone who looks under 18 and cannot prove their age. If you do not wish to sell alcohol to a pregnant person, do not, but.... Do not give a reason!

What should you do if someone refuses to sell you a drink?

If you do refuse to sell a drink to anybody, just do so and state that you prefer that they leave, and stick to your word, do not sell anyone in that group a drink at all. If you allow any of them to stay, it can only cause further problems. Having principles and prejudices are both expensive. You have just lost a customer, maybe permanently.

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