What Weather Causes Schools To Close?

Snow and ice are common causes for school closures, but extreme cold is another factor that Superintendents must consider during the winter season. Dangerous wind chills can be hazardous to children waiting outside for the bus, or students traveling by car that may get stranded.

Can a school close early due to inclement weather?

Sometimes inclement weather, such as heavy snow and ice, can be so dangerous that schools close early or are cancelled for the entire day. Your school considers inclement weather as they schedule the school year. Every school is responsible for the safety of its students and won’t jeopardize anyone.

Why are schools closed in the winter season?

This can aid decision makers, and in the case of Dr. Schultz, allow him to implement a two hour delayed start versus a full day’s cancellation. Snow and ice are common causes for school closures, but extreme cold is another factor that Superintendents must consider during the winter season.

What was the temp in January when school was closed?

On the January day Fisher spoke with Education World, school was closed. Although a storm had brought only two inches of snow, the temperature that morning was zero degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of minus15 degrees. Most of the district's 9,500 students take the bus or drive to school, if they are old enough.

When is it too cold outside to go to school?

As the American Academy of Pediatrics says in this weather advice post: There are no national or professional standards for temperature or other weather conditions that preclude sending children outside for recess. Individual school districts often give decision-making authority to individual school principals, and the results vary widely.

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