Can I Put A Wider Tire On My Motorcycle?

Can I put a wider tire on my motorcycle rim? It’s true, larger tires are needed to support heavier bikes, and wider tires mounted to appropriately sized rims will offer more grip because they have a larger footprint.

What do wide tires have on motorcycle handling?

This can lead to a dangerous understeer condition. Wider front tires will have the opposite effect of a wide rear, and can make the bike more responsive in the corners (oversteer). Caution is advised, however, since a wide front tire combined with a motorcycle's short wheelbase can make for a twitchy and dangerous ride.

What happens when you install wider tyres on your motorcycle?

Most of the time, people don't care about the results and just plonk a fatter tyre on the wheel of their motorcycle, mostly at the rear. Sometimes, this can lead to a flatter contact patch. In this condition, leaning into corners becomes difficult because the shape of the tyre is not as round as it ought to be.

How to find the right tire size for your motorcycle?

The next series of numbers and letters (77H) will be the speed rating and load index of the tire. This code is presented the same for either Metric or Alpha/Numeric tires. Just because the "tire size" is the same size that your wheel or rim will "accept" does not mean that that tire is a good fit for your motorcycle or your riding style.

Can a rim be wider than a Stock tire?

In general, a rim can only use tires that are ten millimeters wider or narrower than the stock tire. Exceeding this window can result in pinch flats, increased tire wear or blowouts.

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