What Should A 24-Year-Old Be Doing In Life?

11 skills every 24-year-old should learn before it's too lateBecome a master salesperson of yourself. ...Get out of your comfort zone. ...Get very good at one thing. ...Build up your 'advocate network.' "We all need people we can rely on to potentially expose us to new opportunities, people, and ideas that can further our career.Learn how to code. ...Fall in love. ...Learn how to meditate. ...Travel more. ...Invest in personal growth. ...More items...

What should a 24 year old learn to do?

Learn how to code. "Learning to code is one of the most important skills any 24-year-old should acquire. It goes for people who have nothing to do with technology. In fact, the younger generation is already mastering technology better than us adults and learning coding in days. Kids nowadays have tablets, smartphones and other tech gadgets.

What's the most important thing about being 24?

You not only realize, but you act on how important it is to spend time with your family; being 24 means that your parents, and grandparents are getting older as well. Yeah, it’s awesome traveling the world, but coming home and being with family is also timely. You’ve reached a “zero effs given” mentality.

Where should a 25 year old be in life?

A 25 year old human being. Don’t worry about what you should or should not achieve in life and please don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are unique and only you can know what’s right for you. It’s healthy to have people to whom you can look up to.

What happens to your life when you turn 24?

Birthdays become less about presents, more about people in the present. After having 24 years worth of crappy people sprinkle their ish in your life, you really appreciate a good friend when you meet one. Food is almost as good as sex, naps are orgasmic, and sleeping in is heaven. But you barely have time for any of those because you’re 24.

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