Is 48 Hours Enough To Pass An Etg Test?

Some people can get wasted after they're 100% sober, pass a standard 500ng ETG test between 36-48 hours. Not unheard of at all. Some people produce a lot of ETGs that sticks to their bladder and need 60-72 hours even with just having a few beers.

Can you pass an ETG test if you drank 48 hours ago?

The standard for EtG test is 80 hours, so at 48 hours, you may not pass. It depends on how much you drank and when. If you drank a lot last week, and then had one drink 48 hours ago, you will probably be okay.

Can you drink 12 beers and test positive for ETG?

The 12 beers in addition to the 4 beers the next day would produce a significant amount of EtG in your system and it would not disappear from your body in just 48 hours. So unfortunately, YES you will likely test as positive. Do you have any more questions? Ask Your Own Drug Testing Question

Is it possible to expel EtG in 48 hours?

Get in an hour of cardio a day both days and sweat your ass off. IME you can expel this etg metabolite in 48 hours possibly even closer to 36 hours by this method. An INTENSE dilution alone is usually enough to pass ANY type of test with even minimal as in like one day notice. Howe... Loading… Yes you can, but it will involve action on your part.

How much water to drink before ETG test?

Just drink about 48oz of water and pee a few times before going in to test. The point is to have freshly created pee in your bladder, not hours old. Drinking gallons is not necessary, and could put you at risk for having a dilute test, which will put you on radar.

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