Can Guitars Get Cold?

Guitars obviously get as cold as ambient temperature; humidity from ambient atmosphere also will affect them. How cold, how humid or dry, before damage will depend on the instrument - and one's definition of "damage."

What should I do with my guitar in cold weather?

Keep your guitar out of cold temperatures entirely. If you must transport it or ship it in freezing temperatures, keep the instrument in its case. Once you bring it back to a normal room temperature setting, keep the guitar in its case for a while until it has a chance to gradually acclimate to the warmer temperature.

What happens if you store a guitar in a cold car?

When you store the guitar inside a cold car, you cannot expect the temperature to remain constant. It can vary along with time. As a result, wood in the guitar will be subjected to contractions and expansions on a regular basis. This can wrap the guitar because wood contracts and expands along with the temperature.

What should the temperature of a guitar be?

Do not assume that a given lacquer finish will withstand . any amount of cold. To be on the safe side, get your guitar into a normal room temperature environment if the outside temperature goes below 20�F. The effects of extreme heat on a guitar-say, over 110�F-are sometimes exactly the opposite of those of extreme cold.

Why does my guitar crack in cold weather?

Prolonged exposure to dry air can cause a guitar to warp and crack. Even if your guitar isn't exposed to cold, dry weather outdoors, your house may also have low humidity due to heat used during the winter. You can use a home humidifier to help remedy this problem. The ideal humidity for a guitar is approximately 45 to 50 percent.

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