How Music Is Related To Life?

Music is an important part of our life as it is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions. Some people consider music as a way to escape from the pain of life. It gives you relief and allows you to reduce the stress. Music is a powerful therapy that will make you calm down and in the moment of joy, it will make you cheerful.

What's the role of Music in Your Life?

Music is a powerful therapy that will make you calm down and in the moment of joy, it will make you cheerful. Furthermore, it develops the mind and boosts your self confidence. Music plays a more important role in our life than just being a source of entertainment. Music makes us creative

How is music related to society and society?

Music and society have always been intimately related. Music reflects and creates social conditions – including the factors that either facilitate or impede social change. The development of recording techniques in the latter half of the 20th century has revolutionized the extent to which most people have access to music.

Why does music mean different things to different people?

People may be moved by music of peoples whose language means nothing to them, and the same musical performance may mean different things to different people. Although music is popularly associated with entertainment, leisure, and a degree of irrelevance in the United States, it is rarely "just" entertainment.

How are music and poetry related to each other?

For one thing, both music and poetry have features of rhythm. Poems also have aspects of sound just like song lyrics and poetry is meant to be heard just as a song is. One can read a poem quietly, but it has more power when read aloud to other people since they can then hear the sounds that are made, and they can convey mood, feeling and tension.

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