Can You Get Your Septum Pierced With A Cold?

The same goes for colds: wait until you've recovered completely and your stuffy nose is gone before getting your septum pierced. If you are allergic to specific things, like animals or flowers, avoid anything that would trigger your allergies while your piercing heals.

What should I know before getting a septum piercing?

Talk with your doctor or a licensed dermatologist about receiving an allergy test before the piercing. Septum studs that cause allergic reactions must always be removed. When in doubt, choose hypoallergenic piercings. Decide whether a septum piercing is compatible with your work environment. In some workplaces, septum piercings can be a liability.

Can a septum piercing cause a hand infection?

Something as simple as touching your piercing with an unwashed hand can cause an infection. According to HealCure, symptoms of a septum piercing infection are as follows:

Can a nose piercing cause a septal hematoma?

This can be minimized greatly if the piercing is done on the soft, flexible skin that lies between the cartilage and bottom of the nose. As far as infection risks are concerned, it can be managed with proper aftercare. ◆ This piercing can sometimes lead to nasal septal hematoma.

Can a septum piercing be cleaned with alcohol?

Do not clean your piercing with alcohol-based solutions. Alcohol solutions can dry out the skin surrounding your piercing and make it irritable. Check any soap or cleaning solution labels for alcohol. Until your septum has healed completely, keep it away from alcohol cleaners. Wait for 6 to 8 months before frequently removing your septum piercing.

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