How Much Does A Normal T Shirt Cost?

On average, plan on spending around $8 to $15 per t-shirt. Larger items, such as sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts, can cost anywhere from $18 to $29 each. With most companies, the more you purchase at once, the lower the “per item” rate will go. Usually, you have to create an order of more than 100+ to see a significant discount.

How much does it cost to buy a T-shirt online?

Buy more, save more. Once you get to the online t-shirt designer, it’s even easier to control the cost of your project because you can see the price of your shirt change as you design it. This real-time quote is the price you’d pay per shirt if you ordered 24 shirts.

How to calculate the price of a T-shirt?

T-shirt pricing tips 1 Use 1-3 colors in your design 2 Print on one side of your shirt 3 The more shirts you order, the cheaper your shirts will be 4 Order 5 or more shirts to get free shipping in the U.S. 5 Order 11 or more shirts to receive bulk discounts

Why does the price of a T-shirt decrease?

The price of your t-shirt is based on how much it costs to manufacture and print. When you order more shirts, your price will decrease because it becomes cheaper for us to manufacture. Other factors that affect manufacturing costs include: Keep the following pricing tips in mind to keep your cost per-shirt as low as possible.

Do you pay too much for custom T-shirts?

And having printed over 1 million unique t-shirt orders, we’ve learned one simple truth: Nobody wants to pay too much. That makes sense. We respect that. Which is why we strive to offer the most affordable custom t-shirts available anywhere.

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