How Much Does A Gas Detector Cost?

ALOPEX Portable Gas Detector $25.99

How does a low cost gas leak detector work?

•Current electronic gas detectors, once installed, require regularly scheduled calibration and maintenance. Low cost leak detectors can be easily and cheaply replaced on a regular schedule at the same time by the same people who perform the calibration.

How much does it cost to calibrate a gas detector?

If you've changed the monitor and need something special or different, it's $85 for a calibration. The videos below will show you how to calibrate a number of the different gas detectors out there. We hope they help you to calibrate your own monitors.

Where can I buy gas for my gas detector?

If you need calibration gas and don't know where to purchase it, you can buy it from our friends at Ideal Gases, Inc. Or you can head over to our Gas Monitor Information page, find your gas monitor, and click on the button that says "Buy Calibration Gas."

How much does a carbon monoxide detector cost?

To prevent carbon monoxide-related deaths, many states have carbon monoxide detector regulations in place. Stand-alone carbon monoxide detectors typically cost $20-$50. For example, a First Alert digital plug-in carbon monoxide alarm [ 1] with a backup battery costs $39.

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