How Much Does A Chi Flat Iron Cost?

The average cost of a CHI iron is about $100-150, but some places can sell them for about $90 or so. Mine was $150 and it's definitely worth every penny. I've had it for three years and it still works just as great and you can even curl your hair so easily with it.

Which is the best Chi flat iron to buy?

Top CHI Flat Iron Comparison Chart Model Plate Material Max Heat Price CHI Original Ceramic 392F Check Price CHI G2 Ceramic + Titanium 425F Check Price CHI PRO G2 Digital Ceramic + Titanium 425F Check Price CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 410F Check Price 2 more rows ...

Which is the best brand of flat irons?

Every list of the top flat irons will include at least one CHI product. But that doesn’t quite reach the level of appreciation CHI can muster from their biggest fans. Those that use CHI flat irons often stick with the brand for life.

Which is the best flat iron for hair straightening?

The original CHI flat iron stands out to me as the perfect option for beginners, or those looking for a great hair straightening tool on a budget. You get the lion’s share of CHI’s technological innovations in the industry without the overhead found on their high-end products. But the price drop comes with some drawbacks.

What makes a chi hair straightener so good?

First up we have the original CHI flat iron. The entire line of hair straighteners began with this easy-to-use clamshell device. This is a fully ceramic plate design that reduces frizz and dampens static build up as you glide it through your hair.

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