How Much Does 1kg Of Hydrogen Cost?

Hydrogen is measured by the kilogram. 1 kilogram is 1 gallon of gasoline equivalent (gge). 2. $0.0015/gallon + $0.987/kg (gge) Refining Costs = $0.9885 = $1.00/kg (gge) using Atmospheric Electrolyses. $0.0015/gallon + $1.80/kg (gge) Refining Costs =

How much does a gallon of hydrogen fuel cost?

How much is a gallon of hydrogen fuel? Hydrogen fuel prices range from $12.85 to more than $16 per kilogram (kg), but the most common price is $13.99 per kg (equivalent on a price per energy basis to $5.60 per gallon of gasoline), which translates to an operating cost of $0.21 per mile. How far away are hydrogen cars?

How much electricity does it take to produce one kg of hydrogen?

A 100% efficient electrolyser requires 39 kWh of electricity to produce 1 kg of hydrogen. The devices today require as much as 48 kWh/kg. So, if electricity costs are 0.05 US$/kWh, the power cost for the electrolysis process alone is 2.40 US$/kg of hydrogen.

How much does it cost to make one kg of H2?

Energy needed to make 1 kg of H2 = 32.9 kWh/kg. using atmospheric electrolyses. Off peak rate of $0.03/kw x 32.9 kWh = $0.987/kg. Energy needed to make 1 kg of H2 = 60 kWh/kg using compressed electrolyses. Off peak rate of $0.03/kw x60 kWh = $1.80

How many miles per kilo of hydrogen?

It’s easy to calculate from that data that the car does 57.02 miles per kilo of hydrogen – but the trouble with this calculation is that petrol is about eight times heavier than compressed hydrogen. We saw something in the Mirai brochure that we thought might help.

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