How Much Did A 1969 Super Bee Cost?

For '69 Super Bees, a similar 383 spec goes for around the same, while the Six-Pack model introduced that year is seriously desirable, costing upwards of $80,000 for an original one in good condition.

How much is a 1969 Dodge Super Bee worth?

Demand is particularly high for the 1969 Dodge Super Bee. If you come across a rare example, one that includes the A12 package with a “lift-off” hood, you’re looking at around $95,000 to $100,000.

When did the Dodge Super Bee become a squad car?

The federal highway patrol used Super Bee as a squad car. For the 1980-model year, the Super Bee received a new front with rectangular headlamps . For the 1981-model year, the Dodge Diplomat was introduced in Mexico, under the name of Dodge Dart (replacing the Dodge Aspen), and was considered a luxury car.

How many Dodge Coronet Super Bees were made?

But, as was often the case with Chrysler's somewhat exotic (and expensive) Hemi, the option was rarely selected--just 125 were installed in Super Bees in 1968 according to several reports; slightly more than 250 were produced the following year.

How much does a Dodge Charger Super Bee cost?

Since an R/T muscle car version of the Charger already existed, the Super Bee was promoted as the low-priced model in the line, selling at USD$3,271. Production numbers of the Super Bee reached 5,054, including 22 with the Hemi engine. The moniker was discontinued until the 2007 Super Bee, a Charger SRT-8 .

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