How Mppsc Cut Off Is Calculated?

The MPPSC cutoff is calculated separately for Prelims, Mains and then the final cutoff. Usually, the prelims cutoff is dependent on the following factors The number of applicants and candidates who appeared for the exam

Which is the cut off for Prelims in mppsc?

MPPSC 2020 cut off for prelims is the minimum marks that need to be obtained in the MPPSC exam to qualify the same. Candidates can check the MPPSC recruitment 2020 prelims expected cut off below. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) announces two types of cut offs– qualifying and overall for a preliminary MPPSC.

Where can I find the results of the mppsc?

Those who appeared in the MPPSC exam can download the MPPSC result PDF which contains roll numbers of the selected candidates. A scorecard will also be released by the exam authority containing details about the qualifying marks and status of the candidate.

Which is the cutoff of Madhya Pradesh PSC?

The cutoff of Madhya Pradesh PSC is released soon after the declaration of result. The cutoff is the minimum qualifying marks that the candidates are required to secure in order to get shortlisted for the next stage. MPPSC cutoff will be released separately for the candidates belonging to different categories.

Which is the cut off mark for Forest Service Mains Exam?

Candidates can go through the MPPSC 2017 cutoff for forest service Mains exam detailed below: Category ACF Cut Off (2017) Forest Ranger Cut Off (2017) General 359.00 328.00 OBC 362.00 324.00 SC 352.00 319.00 ST 336.00 289.00

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