How Many Points Is Following Too Close?

Pick a point that the vehicle in front of you passes, and count the number of seconds it takes you to reach that point. If it is less than two seconds, you are following too closely. You should consider the two second rule of following distance to be the absolute minimum and it may not be enough in many circumstances.

What happens if you get four points for following too closely?

Getting four points would get you more than 1/3 of the way towards a suspension of your license under this rule. Fighting these penalties is important and you can do this by trying to argue that you were not following too closely because there was actually a sufficient amount of space to be safe.

What's the penalty for following another driver too closely?

The penalties for a driver following another motorist too closely can be very serious. A driver who receives a citation for following another motorist too closely could be found guilty of a moving violation that results in four points on his license and a $235 fine, even for a first offense.

What do you need to know about following to close?

In a charge of following to closely, a witness must testify before the court that they saw two (2) things: the vehicle was following over a distance the vehicle, and during that period of following, the vehicle was too close

What happens if you get a ticket for following too closely?

The charge of following too closely can have up to five (5) penalties. Thirty (30) day licence suspension for G1, G2, M1 and M2 drivers A conviction stays on your driving record for 3 years Most police officers go by the belief that for every 10km/h in speed you should be at least one (1) car length behind.

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