How Many People Are Employed In The Aviation Industry In The Us?

Airlines, air navigation service providers and airports directly employed around three and a half million people. The civil aerospace sector (the manufacture of aircraft, systems and engines) employed 1.2 million people.

How many jobs are there in the aviation industry?

Their spending power supports jobs in retail, consumer goods, and a range of service industries such as banks and restaurants. Tourism is fast becoming the world's largest industry, and air transport plays a vital role. Conservative estimates suggest that aviation supports 44.8 million jobs within tourism.

How many people work in the air transport industry?

Employment is projected to increase in the period to 2024. Air Transport Professionals and Travel Attendants made up 15% and 14% respectively of the combined Air and Space Transport and Airport Operations and Other Air Transport Support Services industry workforces. Employment in both occupations is projected to increase in the period to 2024.

How many people work in the aerospace industry?

The U.S. aerospace industry directly employs about 509,000 workers in scientific and technical jobs across the nation and supports more than 700,000 jobs in related fields.

How many pilots are employed by American Airlines?

Around 96,280 of them were employed by a low-cost airline in that same year. As of December 2020, American Airlines was acknowledged to be both the leading passenger airline in the U.S. by number of full-time employees and also having the best paid pilots in the whole U.S. commercial aviation.

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