Is Marcasite Jewellery Still Made?

Marcasite jewelry is still being made today by everyone from Judith Jack to Asian makers and some of it is really lovely. But if you want only a vintage piece, be sure to do your homework by looking and reading, and

Where is the best place to buy Marcasite jewelry?

For vintage and antique marcasite jewelry, it’s best to search on estate jewelry sites but for modern marcasite jewelry, we recommend searching on Etsy and Amazon. These sites have a range of marcasite jewelry on offer at a range of prices. It allows you to quickly and easily compare prices and quality across vendors.

When was pyrite used to make Marcasite jewelry?

That is what pyrite is and that is what is used to make this phenomenal jewelry known as Marcasite. Although Pyrite has been used in jewelry making since the time of the ancient Greeks, Marcasite jewelry became popular in the 1700s. Instead of using precious stones, the pyrite was cut, polished and then set and sold to the commoner.

What kind of jewelry is made of mercasite?

Marcasite (mär′ka-sīt) or mercasite an iron ore, a variety of pyrites . Marcasite jewelry has been made since the time of the Ancient Greeks. It was particularly popular in the eighteenth century, the Victorian era and with Art Nouveau jewelry designers.

What kind of hardness does marcasite stone have?

Marcasite itself is a granular stone with relatively low hardness (6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale) and a very distinct cleavage. That, together with its brittle nature makes it quite unsuitable for most jewelry purposes.

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