Is Madea In Diary Of A Mad Black Woman?

Diary of a Mad Black Woman also marked the first appearance in a movie by Madea, played by a heavily made-up Perry in a fat suit, wig and glasses. The character was an instant hit with audiences, if not always critics, and a slew of Madea-centric movies followed.

Who is Madea's brother in Diary of a Mad Black woman?

Madea takes Helen in and helps her get back on her feet, to the dismay of Madea's brother Joe (also Tyler Perry). Joe's son Brian (also Tyler Perry) acts as Madea and Helen's attorney after Charles and Brenda catch the pair breaking into and vandalizing Charles' mansion.

Who is the author of the Diary of a Mad Black woman?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Diary of a Mad Black Woman is a 2005 romantic comedy-drama film written by and starring Tyler Perry, which was inspired by the play of the same name. It is Perry's debut feature film, and the first entry in the Tyler Perry film franchise.

Who are the directors of the Madea movies?

The Madea movies are the work of three directors. Darren Grant directed Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Frank Marino directed the animated movie Madea’s Tough Love, while Tyler Perry directed the remaining entries in the series. What is the best Madea movie? Diary of a Mad Black Woman is often regarded as the best movie in the collection.

What happens to Helen McCarter in Diary of a Mad Black woman?

Helen McCarter has everything a woman wants: a nice house and rich husband. However after her husband Charles throws her out of the house after admitting to an affair a distraught Helen turns to her mother, grandmother Madea and cousin Brian who take her in and turn back to God.

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