Is Lettuce A Leaf Or Flower?

Lettuce is typically harvested before it flowers as a leafy head. Gardeners and farmers will leave a portion of their lettuce crop intentionally letting it flower and seed. If you’ve been harvesting leaves from your lettuce plants without taking the head, they will eventually begin flowering.

What does it mean when a lettuce plant flowers?

When a lettuce plant flowers, it will send up a flowering shoot out of the central crown where new leaves grow. This shoot will grow taller than the rest of the plant and then produce clusters of flower heads. If your plant begins to stretch toward the sky there’s a good chance it’s bolting.

What are the different types of leaf lettuce?

Some other varieties of lettuce include head lettuce, which forms tightly furled heads of leaves, and cos lettuce, which forms an elongated cluster of leaves, as is the case with Romaine lettuce, a popular cos variety. These lettuces have different tastes, textures, and nutritional values, and they also mature at different rates.

Why is lettuce considered to be a vegetable?

Because lettuce is leafy, it is considered a vegetable. ... Raw lettuce gives a crunch to salads and can be eaten raw with greens, vegetables, meats, and cheeses.

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