Is Inflexible A Word?

INFLEXIBLE. 'INFLEXIBLE' is a 10 letter word starting with I and ending with E.

Which is the best definition of the word inflexible?

not flexible; incapable of or resistant to being bent; rigid: an inflexible steel rod. of a rigid or unyielding temper, purpose, will, etc.; immovable: an inflexible determination.

Is there such a thing as an inflexible heart?

“A high reading suggests that a patient has stiff, inflexible arteries, Klassen says.” “Around 365 practices across Scotland have signed up to the project, known as the Scottish Primary Care Collaborative, sparking fears that thousands of patients are being hit by the inflexible system.”

What's the difference between an inflexible and an unflexable catheter?

(a.) Inflexible. (1) This catheter is relatively unflexible due to the 200 microns fiber diameter. (2) We cannot ignore what is happening to the handicapped during their whole life-time: whether they get more and more stiff, unflexible and clumsy, lose their ability to move and become a burden to the society too early.

Which is an example of an inflexible workflow?

Recent Examples on the Web Any setup based on hardware locked into traditional facilities is fatally encumbered by inflexible and time-consuming workflows.

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