Is Eastenders On Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime currently holds three EastEnders streaming albums. They were initially released on the BBC Store in October 2015 but following the closure of the site in November 2017, the albums were transferred to Amazon Prime.

When do new episodes of EastEnders come out?

The residents of Albert Square compel audiences with a blend of the everyday and the surprising. New episodes typically arrive on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri nights. [BritBox Now Program]

Who are the Amazon Prime members in EastEnders?

Sold by Services LLC. Following recent events, secrets and lies continue to simmer away in more than one Walford family. Sonia’s concerns grow for Martin, Mick and Linda have a heart to heart, and the Panesar brothers have some important news for Ash.

What happens to the Panesar brothers in EastEnders?

Following recent events, secrets and lies continue to simmer away in more than one Walford family. Sonia’s concerns grow for Martin, Mick and Linda have a heart to heart, and the Panesar brothers have some important news for Ash.

What happens to Martin and Sonia in EastEnders?

Sonia’s concerns grow for Martin, Mick and Linda have a heart to heart, and the Panesar brothers have some important news for Ash. Despite Walford’s biggest secret being exposed, an even bigger one has now formed. Gray is frustrated when he doesn't get the news he wanted.

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