Is Debride A Word?

DEBRIDE is a playable word

What does the word debride mean in medical dictionary?

Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. n. Surgical excision of dead, devitalized, or contaminated tissue and removal of foreign matter from a wound.

What are the different types of debridement?

Types of Debridement of a Wound. Debridement is the process of removing unhealthy tissue from the body. The tissue may be necrotic (dead), infected, damaged, contaminated or there may be a foreign body in the tissue.

What is the process of debridement of a wound?

Scott Sundick, MD, is a board-certified vascular and endovascular surgeon. He currently practices in Westfield, New Jersey. Debridement is the process of removing unhealthy tissue from the body. The tissue may be necrotic (dead), infected, damaged, contaminated, or there may be a foreign body in the tissue. 1 

How is debridement used to treat pressure ulcers?

Debridement is the process of removing nonliving tissue from pressure ulcers, burns, and other wounds. Debridement speeds the healing of pressure ulcers, burns, and other wounds. Wounds that contain non-living (necrotic) tissue take longer to heal. The necrotic tissue may become colonized with bacteria, producing an unpleasant odor.

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