How Many 1968 Plymouth Gtx Convertibles Were Made?

wikipedia.orgImage: wikipedia.orgOf the 45,412 Barracudas built for the 1968 model year, just 2,840 examples were convertibles, which was considerably less than the 4,228 convertibles that were made for 1967.

What was the production number of a 1968 Plymouth GTX?

1968 Plymouth GTX Facts and Production Figures. Total production = 18,272 coupe = 17,246 convertible = 1,026 426 coupe = 410 426 convert = 36

When did the Plymouth GTX convertible come out?

1969 Plymouth GTX In 1969, the GTX's sales dropped when the Road Runner was also offered in a convertible body style. The GTX received minor cosmetic changes to the tail lights and grille, as well as the side marker lights.

What did the Plymouth GTX look like in 1970?

The 1970 GTX received a minor redesign with a new grille and rear taillights. Sales were low as the car did not look much different from the Road Runner. Stylists made the lines smoother, and a "power bulge" hood was introduced, as well as non-functional rear-brake air scoops.

What was the styling of the GTX in 1968?

The new styling was less boxy than the previous 1967 model. A new hood designed featured altered (but still non functioning) vents. Since the GTX had been introduced in 1967 and was based on the Belvedere line, it underwent the same styling changes every car based on the Belvedere did in 1968.

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