How Long Was The Mourning Period In The 1800s?

Siblings were mourned in between six and eight months, and uncles and aunties from three and six months. Friends were mourned three weeks at the least.

How long was the mourning period in Victorian times?

How long was the mourning period in Victorian times? During the 19th century, a widow was to mourn the death of her husband for over two years. The mourning can be classified into three stages, namely, Full mourning, Second mourning and half mourning.

Why was grief so common in the 1800s?

Grief was more than just an emotion for Americans during the 1800s—it was a way of life. Victorian social etiquette put great social pressure on mourning, resulting in the practice of public mourning rather than private grieving.

What did people wear during the mourning period?

Men wore usual dark suits with black gloves and children generally wore white as mourning dress. The mourning period came to an end with the death of Victoria in 1901 and with it, in part, the world came out of this mourning era. Women no longer remained tied up in the rigid system of mourning seen in the Victorian age.

What are the different types of mourning periods?

They encompassed how long one should mourn, for whom, as well as what should be worn in each phase of mourning. There were also rules about what those attending the funeral should wear and how to behave. There were three distinct mourning periods: deep mourning or full mourning, second mourning and half mourning.

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