How Is Pebd Calculated?

According to the U.S. Department of Army Retirement Services, retired pay is calculated by looking at the soldier’s BASD and PEBD. “ Retired pay is calculated using your basic active service date (BASD) and pay entry basic date (PEBD),” explained the U.S. Department of Army Retirement Services.

How is pay entry basic date ( PEBD ) calculated?

... The U.S. Army uses a soldier's "pay entry basic date" (PEBD) to determine creditable service periods, which it uses to determine your eligibility for pay and benefits. It is essentially the day you first came on duty, minus any breaks in service, from which they count how long you've served.

How does the US Army calculate a PEBD?

How to Calculate a PEBD. The U.S. Army uses a soldier's "pay entry basic date" (PEBD) to determine creditable service periods, which it uses to determine your eligibility for pay and benefits. It is essentially the day you first came on duty, minus any breaks in service, from which they count how long you've served.

How to calculate days of service on a PEBD?

Determine creditable service for any previous service periods by counting the days between start and end dates of those service periods. Be sure to add one day to non-consecutive periods of service to account for inclusive days. Add the the number of days from Step 1 to the days from Step 2 to get a total of your days of service.

Where do I Find my PEBD in MyPay?

It can be found in field 4 of your last active duty Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). Your PEBD can be affected by broken service, lost time, transfer to/from reserve components, etc. (If you separated less than one year ago, your LES is available in myPay .

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