How Is Fica Payroll Tax Calculated?

Payroll FICA and FUTA taxes are calculated from an employee’s gross taxable wages. Gross taxable wages include the cumulative salaries, wages, and tips. However, this won’t include non-taxable income or pre-tax deductions, such as expense reimbursements or health insurance deductions.

How is the FICA contribution calculated for an employee?

There is no wage limit for Medicare. To calculate FICA tax contribution for an employee, multiply their gross pay by the Social Security and Medicare tax rates. For example, if an employee’s taxable wages are $700 for the week, their social security contribution would be: $700.00 x 6.2% = $43.40.

How much is the FICA tax for Social Security?

FICA tax is typically 7.65% of earnings up to $127,200 (2017 figure). Employees pay 6.2% of their earnings for Social Security retirement benefits and their employer pays 6.2% for a total of 12.4% of a worker’s income.

What are the different withholding rates for FICA?

FICA Tax Withholding Rates. There are actually two different rate components, broken out as follows: The Social Security (OASDI) withholding rate is gross pay times 6.2 percent up to the maximum pay level for that year. This is the employee's portion of the Social Security payment.

How do I report the amount of FICA tax withholding?

Reporting FICA Tax Withholding You must report FICA tax withholding: To the employee on each paycheck, including both the withholding amount for the current pay and total amount of FICA tax withheld for the year to date. To the IRS on Form 941- the Employer's Quarterly Wage and Tax Report.

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