How Is C++ Used In Web Development?

There are definitly more. One of the option to use C++ in web programming is nodejs . You can write addons in C++ for it. For example you can write an addon that is using websockets and control your webpage dynamically. See c++ server side pages.

What do you need to know about web programming in C + +?

In the earlier chapters of C++, you have learned the basics of various syntax and way of writing C++ programs for building applications and programs. In this chapter, you will get a new taste of linking web with your C++ program. For this, you need to have knowledge of basics of CGI and how it works.

Can you use C + + as a scripting language?

Yes, you can use C++ to program a server-side web application. Most HTTP servers support the FastCGI protocol, so if your application provides the appropriate interface, it can be used to generate web pages to be served by HTTP. That doesn't make it a scripting language though.

Can you use C + + to program a server-side web application?

Yes, you can use C++ to program a server-side web application. Most HTTP servers support the FastCGI protocol, so if your application provides the appropriate interface, it can be used to generate web pages to be served by HTTP. That doesn't make it a scripting language though. – Joseph Mansfield Feb 19 '14 at 15:04.

Is it possible to build a website with C + +?

It would be easy to wrap a C++ program in a thin Docker container. This would provide you with tremendous flexibility with hosting the site. You could also access a MySQL database by including the C/C++ MySQL development headers in your program. If you’re familiar with using MySQL with PHP, you’ll find the function names very similar.

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