Can Khakis Be Blue?

Since khaki is created by combining red and green dyes (green is created by combining blue and yellow dyes), the product affects the blue dye and leaves orange stains on khaki. The body chemistry of some people’s sweat seems to oxidize the dyes of some khaki fabrics, leaving mysterious stains.

What's the best color to wear with khakis?

Understanding which colors pair well with your pants will help you look as stylish as possible. Khakis are casual pants made of cotton twill and are generally a light brown color. You should also know that khakis are considered a type of chino, which is a specific style of pants.

What kind of suit jacket should you wear with khakis?

Navy Blue, {Masters golf Green}, Burgandy, even Peach, Tangerine, Medium to Light Pink or, maybe a Cashmere jacket of many complimentary colors. In the case of a Black Blazer, I would wear gray trousers. I better remind you to wear that square, since that's what the left breast pocket is for. You can wear a complimentary tie, or go tieless.

When is the best time to wear khaki pants?

You can tailor khaki pants to fit your body and your style more comfortably. Essentially, you can wear khaki pants when you are lounging at home, checking the mail, going on a first date, or heading to work for the day.

Why do people wear khakis in the first place?

But the history of khakis goes back a lot longer than that, and their origins couldn’t be farther from the sedentary. Khakis started out as the uniform of the fighting man — cool, comfortable, rugged pants that could look sharp, allow for mobility, and hold up on many an adventure.

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