How Does Dyslexia Affect Development?

Individuals with dyslexia may also exhibit problems in language that extend to vocabulary and grammatical development. In fact, research shows that the inclusion of deficits in oral language beyond the phonological component may place children at a higher risk for dyslexia.

How is dyslexia related to a learning disability?

Dyslexia is the inability to relate the sounds of words with the letters that create the words. It’s considered a learning disability, but it has no relation to intelligence. It also has no relation to vision problems.

What are the symptoms of dyslexia in preschool?

At the preschool age, dyslexic children have the following symptoms. They: Don’t talk much and don’t know as many words as other children their age. Have problems learning numbers, colors and letters. Fail to recognize or associate words that rhyme.

How does dyslexia affect spelling and reading comprehension?

Dyslexia affects word recognition, spelling and decoding, and may interfere with vocabulary building and reading comprehension, according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities. That said, it doesn't affect every person the same.

How does dyslexic children make sense of math?

With mathematics, this leads to confusion both in understanding the symbols commonly used in problems and equations, and in making sense of word problems. For example, if you ask a child, “how many times does 4 go into 12?” — it is possible that the only words the dyslexic child has heard that make sense are four and twelve. The other words:

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