How Does Cultural Factors Affect Motor Development?

Natural observations of world cultures show that climate, housing and culturally based child-rearing practices strongly impact the development of motor skills. A child's culture directly influences the rate and level of motor-skill development.

How does culture influence the development of motor skills?

Parents and caregivers who provide consistent opportunities for active play encourage the growth of motor skills in a child's environments at home and at school. A child's culture directly influences the rate and level of motor-skill development. Typical American children roll over at 3 months, sit at 6 months and walk at 12 months.

What are the factors that influence motor development?

Understanding and supporting motor development in children plays an important role in teaching kids. This lesson will discuss gross and fine motor skills and the factors that influence their development. Evaluating motor skill development can be difficult, but highly impactful, in a teaching environment.

How does culture affect the development of people?

Language is one of the many ways through which culture affects development. We know from research on adults that languages forge how people think and reason. Moreover, the content and focus of what people talk about in their conversations also vary across cultures.

How are environmental, cultural and social factors influence child rearing?

Natural observations of world cultures show that climate, housing and culturally based child-rearing practices strongly impact the development of motor skills. Intervention programs and activities can counteract negative environmental, cultural and social factors.

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