How Do You Use Keyboard Controls In Resident Evil 4 Pc?

How do you use keyboard controls in Resident Evil 4 PC? Remapping Computer Keyboard: Run the “Setup” from the main title screen menu or open the directory where Resident Evil 4: Biohazard is located (usually C: Program FilesCAPCOMbiohazard4). Locate the icon named “Setup Tool”.

Which is the key in my keyboard Resident Evil 4?

Run the "Setup" from the main title screen menu or open the directory where Resident Evil 4: Biohazard is located (usually C: \ Program Files\CAPCOM\biohazard4 ). Locate the icon named "Setup Tool". From here, various changes to the screen settings, gamepad, and keyboard can be made.

Can you play Resident Evil 4 with a mouse?

the game was originally designed for controllers, but keyboard and mouse controls are actually pretty damn good, mouse aiming with weapons can be very useful they're both viable, it's up to you First time I played RE4 was on GC with that chainsaw controller, and it was great. Played it again on PC with Mouse and Keyboard and it was great.

What's the best way to play Resident Evil?

Obviously play about with the settings to find your fit; PCGamingWiki [] does recommend using the "modern" aiming mode for those struggling with the "classic" aiming mode. Regarding keyboard controls, you might find the quick-time event keys awkward at first but you do get used to them.

Where is the menu File in Resident Evil 4?

The file is in the game directory inside the BIO4 folder called Input.ini The header that says "Menu" is what handles the Status screen. Go under "Keyboard" and find KEY_X, KEY_KAMAE and KEY_KAMAE_KNIFE works alot better than default.

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